Industrial Nano Coatings

Durable, Wear-resistant and Protects against Corrosion

The industrial Nano Coatings are especially suitable for metal, plastic, powder coated and dyed surfaces. These high-tech Industrial Nano Coatings are specially developed for the requirements of the Navy, Military, Aviation and Food Industries. 

The Nano coatings for industrial purposes ensure stable and long-lasting performance under the most severe conditions. To prevent adhesions and adhesions on various surfaces, the permanent nano coating industry is used for smooth and non-porous surfaces. Also chemical influences and wear and tear can be reduced or even prevented. Due to properties such as wear-resistant, water- dirt- grease-oil repellent and anti-corrosion and graffiti, the often (un)planned maintenance work and many and heavy cleaning agents can be reduced or even completely prevented. The permanent Nano Coatings consist of 1-component Nano Coating which simplifies the application procedure.



 Smooth and non-porous surfaces

  Completely vapor-proof

 Precious metals

  Water- dirty oil repellent

​​ Plastic


 Anodized aluminum



  Easy to Clean


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  • PP

    PP is a clear, ready-to-use coating that protects non-absorbent surfaces against graffiti, dirt, weathering and corrosion. Based on a patented polysilazane technology,

  • PP.F

    PP.F is a clear, ready-to-use coating that protects smooth, non-absorbent surfaces against dirt (e.g. brake dust), weathering and corrosion.

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